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    Well, not quite. Actually these are my ideas to be more exact.

    About that, I think we should add the category "ARKs can be found", or something like that.

    The Exp gained category, I think that part could be too hard to count. Don't know if anyone want to go in and count or not, but I think it is not too much necessary.

    The Dialogue, it is a great idea, but should we add the dialogues that happen in the middle of the mission? I think yes.

    So far that I know to chapter 1, there are 3 kinds of missions. The one with a slashing symbol, the other is a shield, and the last one indicates a boss.

    I think we should add them to category. Just wondering which name is proper to choose for them.

    In my opinion: Liberation Mission, Defense Mission, Boss Missio…

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