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  • DoctorBreakfast

    XADA = extraterrestrial cells that could affect the brain, which will then results monsters like Mutaform-1

    AZA = a bunch of XADAs combine together, forming a giant wall, could affect human/animals, ect. To make mutations. Example: AZA + Gorilla = Gorex

    Gaia = a new planet that people are living in.

    Dr. Millar found out a way to control XADA, he then fused with Xada which results Duja, Rama and Tyranus.

    The girl on wheelchair at the final cutscene is Estellar (couldn't hear the name well), Jake’s sister.

    We now have WM-IV, controlled by artificial intelligence.

    Here is the stream, please contribute if you can hear some other information:

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    A quick notice

    April 14, 2015 by DoctorBreakfast

    Since i don't have the game, all of the pictures i uploaded (Characters's portraits, weapons)'s quality is low. So if anyone have the game, please upload higher quality pictures if you can.

    And if you ask me why did i replace the pics from Implosion's main website with character portraits, it's because there are only 4 characters on main website. And i've noticed a few additional characters, so yeah.

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