TyranusTyranus icon
Prion Mutation
Appearance Main Mission C4-10:
The Showdown
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Tyranus is the final boss you face in the game.

At half health, he changes from Ground form to Airborne form, and gets an enhanced attack skill set.


Ground Form (>50% health)Edit

  • It charges and dash towards the player.
  • It slashes the player 3 times.
  • It dashes back when the player is close, then smashes the area where it stands.
  • It spins the double saber around itself 2 times.
  • It can guard the player's attack 3 times, and counterattacks.
  • It slashes a crescent-shaped projectile at the player 1 time.
  • When the player stands far away, it creates 3 fireballs and shoot them at the player.

Airborne Form (<50% health)Edit

  • It smashes the area where the player stands, creates big damage.
  • It charges longer, and dashes towards the player, with more damage.
  • It slashes a crescent-shaped projectile at the player 3 times or dash back and slashes 1 time if the player is close.
  • When the player is close, it creates an explosion around it or dashes back and slashes a crescent-shaped projectile at the player 1 time.
  • It spins the double saber around itself 1 time, and throws the saber at the player, creates flame in its path.


Ground formEdit

  • The hit-and-run strategy is quite effective to fight with him, since its health is not too much.
  • Evading its skills requires high concentration and reflexes. Try to watch its movement closely and predict the next action.
  • When your shield is broken, use long range attacks and wait for the shield to regenerate. It cannot harm you too much in far range.
    • His fireballs deal low damage, but will stop the shield from regenerating. Dodging them is necessary.

Airbone formEdit

  • Long range combat is uneffective, as the boss can move very fast.
  • The hit-and-run strategy is still recommended.
  • Do NOT spam dash. Time correctly, and dash to dodge at the right moment.


Once you defeat this boss on any difficulty, Expert mode and Pilot Program will be unlocked.