Status contains Warmech's indicators which have an important role in Warmech's combat ability.

Main statusEdit

Status Effect
Power[1] Attack damage to enemies.
Endurance[1] HP. In a mission, if it depletes to 0, it's game over.
Rage RA. Using melee attacks will fill the gauge. Skills (except Dash) cost certain RA gauge to execute. Starts at 5 by default.
Armor[1] Reduces damage taken from enemy after the shield is destroyed.
Hack Level Unlocks locked doors. Max level: 3.
Shield[1][2] Receives damage from enemy first and once it reduces to 0, HP will start to deplete. The higher the stat, the more durable the shield.
Critical Rate Increases rate of critical hits, where damage increases drastically for an attack.
Invulnerability Invulnerable time after the Warmech is revived or knocked down. (Default value: 1.00 sec)
HP Auto Recovery Health recovery rate over time. (Default value: 10%)
Item Drop Rate Drop rate of ARK equipment from XADA.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Stats increase as Warmech levels up.
  2. Shield appears in pie shape above the HP bar.

Additional statusEdit

These stats only appear when the Warmech is equipped with an ARK contaning them.

Status Effect
Raging Rate Increases RA gauge filling speed for each attacks.
Normal Attack Damage Increases damage dealt by standard attacks.
Heavy Attack Damage Increases damage dealt by High force attacks.
Final Attack Damage Increases damage of the final move of a combo
Ballistic Attack Damage Increases damage dealt by Ballistic weapons.
XADA Shell Attack Damage Increases damage dealt to XADA's RX-shield.
Agility Increases Warmech's evading rate (without using Dash).
Extra Restorative Increases the amount of health recovered when health pack is picked up.
Toppled Attack Damage Increases damage dealt by repulsion-effect of some combo moves (like the final attack of the first heavy combo of Crimson) and Skills (like Lance, Oscillation and Skyfall)
EXP Gained Increases rate of EXP gained after defeating a XADA.
Max Dash Increases maximum amount of dashes you can perform.
Motion Spd Increases Warmech's attack and moving speed.
Shield Repair Spd Increases Shield recovery speed after the Shield cooldown caused by enemy damage ends
Shield Repair Acc Decreases the Shield cooldown to start recovery after taken damage