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First appearance C1-1: First Touchdown
Special ability --

Mutaform-1 is one of the XADA lifeforms. It is the most common monster in all the missions.


  • In Chapter 1, nude Mutaform-1 uses its claws to hit the Warmech (1-3 hits). This triggers only when the Warmech is at arm's reach of the Mutaform-1.
  • Also in Chapter 1, armored Mutaform-1 can also jump and smash at the Warmech. All Mutaform-1 except nude Mutaform-1 have this attack. This triggers when the Warmech is in close proximity.
  • In Chapter 2, frozen Mutaform-1 can also jump and smash at the Warmech, but its attack triggers with larger proximity and much more frequently.
  • In Chapter 3, lab-coated Mutaform-1 can throw small explosive barrels at the Warmech.
  • In Chapter 4, burned Mutaform-1 can spit fire.


While it is one of the weakest enemies in the game, Mutaform-1 can become tedious to deal with in hoards, when completing the "Hide and Seek" badge.

It is useful to note that all Mutaform-1 stagger from melee attacks while it is walking, but not while it is attacking.