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At every level, after it's complection, you can read 5 entries from the Graphene Display Units (GDU System). To do so, touch the cube right between the Level's portrait and level's name at Level selection screen or press R1 if you are using a controller with your device.

Note that the first 5 messages are voiced and can be found through some terminals at the first level.
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C1-1 - First Touchdown Edit

GDU #001 Edit

"Two eighteen PM, December twelve, twenty one seventy eight"

"Zack I don't know what's going on, you're not going to believe this.. I think we've just made contact with intelligent life, like seriously. I'm watcching the live feeds on the graphene monitor you sent me, and the streets are buzzing in the cities... I've never seen anything like this... there's.. a second moon in the sky. Some people are saying this is judgement day, but, I just feel like something amazing is about to happen. Command has locked down my compound as a precaution. I can't get you on the wire, you must be too deep in your fancy new Fusion sub, or they've blacked out all non-essential communication. As soon you get this, hit me back, ok, I love you."

"Message end"

GDU #002 Edit

"Four twenty PM, December twelve, twenty one seventy eight"

"Zack where are you!? That moon's falling! The gravity field is ripping the oceans apart. There was a meteor strike and now..., I'm scared Zack! I can't find you...

"Message end"

GDU #003 Edit

"Eleven thirteen PM, Deecember six, twenty one eighty"

"I have no one left to leave this for, no reason to struggle any longer. I don't have long before the infection takes over. I don't feel anything. Just before the compound was surrounded, the Ivonix sent us one of their new Warmechs. The pilot fought bravely, but now he shares our fate, we will all die together down here, and turn into.. whatever those things are.. they look so strange to me, even now. There's nothing left outside, just smoldering ash. The Adrillian fleet made a sucessful Q-leap to the new star, 12 light years away.. away from all this madness.. our fleet just cracked the signatures and did same. So the human race goes on, somewhere else, somewhere else to start again. I supose life will find a way."

"Message end"

GDU #004 Edit

"Four fifteen PM, June second, twenty one seventy nine"

The Warmech operation was a failure.. a noble idea, but the virus penetrates the suits much too easily. We have little time left to come up with something. The Adrillians are still trying to crack Quantum tunneling, trying to find a way out of the system. The very technology we thought would save us and bring us to new stars, is the thing that brought the Xada to our doorstep. All those months that every nation on earth, were testing quantum drives... the Xada could see them glittering. That's how they got here. They were watching us in our inter-stellar infancy, and then they came to put us in our place"

"Message end"

GDU #005 Edit

"Five fourty three AM, November twenty seven, twenty seventy nine"

"Word just came down, Krene has been wiped off the planet..., only two nations remain on Earth now.. and the Ivonix of course, floating up there in that artificial habitat they call the Night Star. The new Warmech series-II they've designed.. we may actually survive (BEAT) another year."

"Message end"


C1-2 - Neuroplasticity Edit

GDU #006 Edit

GDU Security Update 17 - 2076:24/05

The Graphene Display unit security breach has been resolved. I have been reassured by the CRYPTO engineer that everything is up and running as it should be. All personal GDU's should be functional and immune to unauthenticated wireless mimesis. Your personal data, bank records and images are protected. All fingerprint ID's must however be re-established before logging in.

Thank you all for your hard work. The Director and I are most pleased with the recent Prion test results. This all looks very promissing.

Dr Goldie Millar

Head of Phylogenetics

GDU #007 Edit

Mail Server UDP-41



The meeting I just finished was the usual bs except for this military contract update.

Some black hats were talking about developing a new unit for the mechanised division. They want a faster bi-ped and higher ballistic resistance. I told them they should be using wired armour plating with this stuff called magnetorheological fluid, and they gave me funding on the spot!

It works by suspending iron particles in silicon. When it gets hit, an eletrical charge fires and the iron atoms stack up. They tried it first almost 150 years ago but couldn't work it out. It's like wearing regular clothes that turn into concrete when a bullet hits you, then a moment later, they become flexible again. pretty neat huh!

The game is on Tuesday night - DON'T FORGET..


GDU #008 Edit

Thandeous Operational Logistics

INVOICE 1-07 : Armour Division Compound - East Wing

161 X ganimede Class II piezoelectric displacement sensor +11701897+

1200 X AISI 4130 machine rods +11909758+

450 X Tungsten Tetraboride template rolls +12836930+

110 X Beta Tantalum machine heads +AWAITING+

600 X Aggregated Diamond Nanorod default cluster +AWAITING+

24,000 X CPM REX 121 armour piercing test rounds +15839673+

GDU #009 Edit

Mail Server UDP-91


Urgent Message for Dr Raymond Millar.

The action team in Silent Chamber facility has been applying the Prion research from 2 years ago to the captured tissues. The organism is unlike anything we have seen before. The small piece of infected tissue had to be contained in a DEX chamber as every time we attempted to operate on it using surgical instruments, it would physically alter itself to accommodate the metal as one of it's own organs.

AT one point, it literally grabbed onto my lab assistant's forceps and then used them to walk along the operating table like a pair of miniature stilts. I cannot believe the things I have seen. This organism is not a virus or a bacterium. This is an entity with a consciousness that can be stored within any living tissue.

I fear we are vastly inferior to the invaders. Whatever the military is working on, hey had better field it quickly. This organism is more deadly than an Invigilator A.I. It learns, and it has a goal.

Dr Timothy Spelding Biological Research Division

S-C Facility 2

GDU #010 Edit

Mail Server UDP-81


Henry pick up your PA! We have a new problem. These things can read brain waves. We hooked one up to a pattern recognition system and it synced with the inputs somehow. It projected rough images on screen of what the team members were visualising, one by one, like it was sizing us up.

They've figured out how our brains work and they can feel out our firing patterns to see what we are thinking. This means they can probably learn to read our movements before we even make one. All our soldiers are in danger. We need to create some kind of EM interference to make our brain waves seem incongruent. If we can get them to read fake brainwaves, they might react to false actions and then our soldier will always be one step ahead on combat.

We need to communicate with the Ivonix on this, they have the best neuro-cybernetic technicians.

Call me back ASAP



C1-3 - Synapse on Fire Edit

GDU #011 Edit

-excerpt from "EDU121"

The United States of America was a Federal Republic, originally formed in the 18th century. At one stage, the USA was the most powerful nation on the planet, consisting of 50 states and one federal district. Like it's predecessors such as the Roman Empire, it eventually collapsed from the inside out.

The wave of high-tech terrorist attacks in the late 20's were originally thought to have come out of the former Middle East. Historic hindsight revealed that it was US citizens themselves whom orchestrated the undoing of the last remaining superpower.

GDU #012 Edit

-excerpt from "EDU121"

The Adrillian, Thandeon and Krene nations originally evolved from splinter groups who survived the GH-23 pandemic. In the year 2079, the populations of former China, India and Europe were decimated by the virus.

Those who exhibited genetic immunity, were put through scientific trials until a counter agent could be manufactured and delivered to all four corners of the globe.

GDU #013 Edit

-excerpt from "TIME2"

The Birth of AI

The world's first fully self-aware AI was initialised this morning in the Krene Cyolabs in New Berlin. Thousands of protesters flooded to the streets in the capital to voice their fears that the new technology will mark the end of Mankind as we know it.

The director of Krene Cyolabss, Maxim Muellher, blamed 21st century cinema for the negative connotations placed on the emergent technology. He assured the protesters via the cities AA announcement system, that there will be no Man vs Machine robot wars or Overlord computer systems.

GDU #014 Edit

++IVONIX commander killed++

Caleb Jaegar, the head of the IVONIX's AXE division, has been killed in action. His WM-II was surrounded by a micro hive of Exovores on the Garron peninsula. No members of his retinue could break through the line before he was overrun. A funeral service was held on board the IVONIX Night Star this morning. His successor Napoleon Venefray was sworn in moments ago while a reshuffling of IVONIX resources has taken place.

GDU #015 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


The researchers who conducted the first experiments on tissues belonging to the invaders, have dubbed our enemies "XADA". The name is an abbreviation of Xenoatrial Diatridic Automaton. They have been tasked with coming up with possible weaknesses in the seemingly robust organism. The trial will be discovering how they work and how effectively kill them.


C1-4 - Visceral Glitch Edit

GDU #016 Edit

Mail Server UDP-10


Macrosoft engineering are offering discounted Lunar travel this month only. If you book 2 tickets to one of the Lunar resorts affiliated with Macrosoft, you will receive 30 percent credit reimbursement upon your return to Earth. Places are limited, do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Send your ID3 to the return service to reserve your places.

GDU #017 Edit

Mail Server UDP-41


Dr Millar,

We have made a shocking discovery in the QR facility today. During a routine microbe scan in the clean rooms, our new system detected an intruder. On close investigation we discovered an entire eco-system of self-reliant nano machines going about their business. It looks as though they have been living in there for over a year undetected.

These nanos are not man made and have been constructed by other nanos. It's as if they have created their own culture and are writing their own directives. The team doesn't know whether to be overjoyed or terrified at this stage.

-Henry Orwell

-Lab Technician L3

GDU #018 Edit

Mail Server UDP-222


Tau Ceti has been targeted as the omega point for the new subspace drive trials. At 3.647 ± 0.011 parsecs from Earth, it's the most realistic candidate for finding an Earth-similar planet. There is one concern, a large debris disc surrounding the star, which would cause a comparative increase in impact events. The Omega point will be voted on by joint heads at the end of this month.

GDU #019 Edit

... I've found something you have to see. This could change everything. I'm moving her to the Volcanic compound where no one will bother her. Come quickly as you can my dear.


GDU #020 Edit

Mail Server Unknown


Dr Millar, our plans have been set in motion and we would like to yet again extend our most sincere honours to you, your wife and your research team.

Adrillia have had the planet for long enough and the time has come for them to pay for their betrayal. With your masking agent technology, we can take back Gaia using your proposed super-Aza. After the planet has been cleared, we can then use the mast to goad the Xada away from the planet. Gaia will be free of Adrillia and the Xada. Finally Thandeous will have their rightful place and you and your team can come home.


C1-5 - Fatality March Edit

GDU #021 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


The Earth's population of Whales has dwindled in the weeks since the attack. Entire pods have been beaching themselves intentionally and effectively committing suicide. It's as if they don't want to be in the water anymore. Species experts are lost for an explanation. The Xada may be effecting animals in ways we cannot hope to understand.

GDU #022 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


Warmech Series II Proto Trial shall begin at 00:00 tomorrow morning. Thandeous high command will be arriving at the SC facility at 21:25 tonight. Please check and recheck your work stations.

GDU #023 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


WM-II Trial 009 was a failure. The suit does not sync with the pilot inside using the current software. We need to go back to square one and re-engineer the connection matrix. The Ivonix have their eyes on the situation. We have to give up the project and hand over our data to them.

GDU #024 Edit

+++combat drugs and side effects on soldiers+++

G38 and Heilotox tests are underway on the first run of "participants". We have observed a significant density increase in muscle biopsy results and overall strenght exhibition. We will ramp up the dosage schemes and begin the next round of testing as soon as this round is over.

GDU #025 Edit

-excerpt from "The Man In The Sky"

In times of stress and turmoil, humans search for the means to escape. We escape mentally and physically. One form of escapism is the simulation of divine presence. A subject in a vulnerable state can and will imagine the existence and intervention of supernatural forces into their lives. The Idea of God itself, is a social reflex born out of Man trying his best to explain his origins.

We know no more about the universe than a wolf who stares up at the moon. We know no more about our origins than a goldfish who wonders how he came to be in his bowl.


C1-6 - Stay Vigilant Edit

GDU #026 Edit

-excerpt from "Historical Archives - TNT NEWS - 0911231"

The death toll in India has risen to over 300,000,000 in last week. All Government functions have been suspended due to the uncontrolled chaos. The nation stands in peril as millions are attempting to flee the jaws of the virus.

Pathogen experts at the World Health Organization say that there will those who are genetically immune to infection. The human race will not be made extinct although the world's population will plummet to bellow 2 billion according to their estimates.

GDU #027 Edit

+++Milestones in Particle Physics+++

4 July 2012: The discovery of a new particle with a mass between 125 and 127 GeV/c2 was announced. This particle was to be identified as the theorized "Higgs Boson" or "God Particle".

12 April 2035: The Zero Mass theory is proven. All matter in the universe has zero mass until it attempts to move through the invisible "Higgs Field". Photons are the only unaffected breed of particle, slipping through the field without acquiring any mass.

16 December 2091: The discovery of the RX energy particle. Applications for suspended zero point energy shields now a reality.

GDU #028 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


New element 482Uhq has been successfully synthesised using the DEM Particle Accelerator. The "Island of stability" has been eluding nuclear physicists for over 200 years. This discovery of a stable super-heavy element has unlocked the means to create the next generation of atomic weapons. With this technology, meteors of any size could be deflected from Earth's trajectory. By the same token, if the weapons were ever used on the surface of the Earth, all life would cease to exist.

GDU #029 Edit

Mail Server UDP-222


We Are Not Alone

The recent meteor strike in the Nevada desert has sent the scientific community in a frenzy. Upon analysis of the rock and ice, researchers uncovered fossilised remains of an alien species. The samples are now being studied as the world holds it's breath. A new dawn has begun for mankind. We are not alone in the universe.

GDU #030 Edit

Mail Server UDP-222


The future of the Human is uncertain. We are an evolving organism who uses technology to become more than just an organic being. The human machine relationship has become symbiotic since the AI revolution. One can only guess as to where we go from here. Will we become more advanced humans, or simply become computers who reproduce?


C1-7 - Iron Oxide Edit

GDU #031 Edit

Mail Server UDP-222


Full Metal Jackets

The Thandeous division has held the first live test of it's new combat tank. Doubling as a biped mech unit, the T-801 rolls in as the first interchangeable armoured unit. The Adrillian as well as the Krenic military command have both statements regarding the new technology as a bold move in such tense political times.

GDU #032 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


ID Chip Missing

Has anyone seen an ID chip laying around? The laminate on my card was damaged while visiting the Arctic facility.. It must have fallen straight out. I know I had when I scanned in this morning. Hit me up if you guys find it.

-Reagan Fray

GDU #033 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


We've just installed sets of compound steel saw blades in case the Xada break through the defences. As it stands they are using a crude trigger, so someone has to be manning the console to keep them operational.

GDU #034 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


You will all be relieved to know that I have devised a new way to deliver masking agent. The K9 personal assistant prototype was a success. I have put several nano-directives in place fro K9 production and these new hounds will be my eyes and ears across all of our facilities. If you need anything, order a K9 to send a message directly to me and begin recording.

Warm regards,


GDU #035 Edit

Mail Server - Intern Link


Security Notice:

Please be aware I have begun the Centaur security trial. These armoured Drones are being controlled by a centralized system nerve unit. They have been given directives that disable them from harming any human being. Please try your best to stay out of their way and let them do their job.

Thank you for your understanding.



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