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Diana Celestine May
Gender Female[1]
Age 22[1]
Height 138 cm[1]
Weight 39.5 kg[1]
Date of Birth 5 / 5 / 2178[1]
Voice actor Anna Vardy
Asami Seto(JP)

Diana "Die" is one of the main characters and one of the 2 playable characters in the game. She pilots the Warmech Crimson which is unlocked at 42 badges.


Diana is overly self-assured and quick witted. She has a get-in get-out attitude and loves a pay day. Her motivations are mostly based on thrills and superficial needs. She is a caring individual deep down but hides it under a façade of playful arrogance and sarcasm. In many dialogues throughout the game, she often makes sarcastic remarks, even at the most dangerous of situations.

In the past, Diana's friends nicknamed her "Die" as revealed in her dialogue with Goldie in Main mission C3-8: Medusa's Kiss.


  • Diana stated that she once had a pet lizard who died when facing Terminatrix boss in the beginning of End Zone.
  • Cinematic cutscenes still involve Jake/Avalon as "playable" character even if Diana/Crimson was selected as such in the first place.




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