• Merrycatch22

    Used SMG and three occulomotors on Crimson.In retrospect I should have used optic as well.

    It turns out power stat doesn't affect ballistics at all. Avalon at 590/81% and 1084/81% both take about 100 bullets to down easy Terminatrix.

    Now to figure out how the damage taken percentage works. Agility is the only factor

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  • Mentholzzz

    Implosion 1.2

    February 28, 2016 by Mentholzzz
    • Main Menu is changed from Campaign-Expert-Opening to Campaign-Extra-Options
      • In extra mode , there is expert , pilot program , last man standing and opening.
    • New chapter "Last man standing" added. (Complete mission 1-8 to unlock)
      • The Comer
      • The Pursers
      • The Spiders
      • The Shuttle
      • The Return
      • The Last Man
    • New warmech Jonathan Carloway with many new arks
    • New character 'K', a dog robot.

    • The chapter end when he met Jake in C3-8 ( in the final mission , he fight with Genesis Goldie .
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  • Merrycatch22

    So I'm refarming crimson and avalon back to lvl 30 as I reinstalled the game for 1.1, but I'm really curious on what the training mechanism is, and I can't find the wiki page for it. Someone explain?

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  • MrGZJcool

    BIG 1.1 NEWS

    May 8, 2015 by MrGZJcool

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  • Noo-Dhum

    That is music and BGM file, do listen to that file just simply; change ".assets.resS" to ".mp3".


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  • Noo-Dhum

    List of music tracks played through Implosion
    - Stage/Source Song Name Artist Length
    ' Main Menu Implosion Title Music No info 2:14
    ' Result Screen Implosion Result Screen Music No info 0:30
    ' Mission Failed Screen Implosion Mission Failed Screen Music No info 7.8 sec
    ' First Touchdown


    - Eyemedia 1:26
    ' First Touchdown


    Synapse On Fire

    Fatality March

    - Eyemedia 1:25
    ' Neuroplasticity

    Synapse On Fire

    Fatality March

    - Eyemedia 2:33
    ' Visceral Glitch

    Glacial Shift

    - Eyemedia 1:24
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:19
    ' End Zone - Ongaq 1:24
    ' Frostbite - Eyemedia 1:19
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:26
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:30
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:25
    ' Blizzard Titan Waiting for You to Die Alpha Legion 1:46
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:16
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:28
    ' - - Eyemedia 2:57
    ' - - Eyemedia 2:26
    ' - - Eyemedia 3:02
    ' - - Eyemedia 1:28
    ' Medusa's Kiss - No info 1:22
    ' - - Eyemedia 1…

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    XADA = extraterrestrial cells that could affect the brain, which will then results monsters like Mutaform-1

    AZA = a bunch of XADAs combine together, forming a giant wall, could affect human/animals, ect. To make mutations. Example: AZA + Gorilla = Gorex

    Gaia = a new planet that people are living in.

    Dr. Millar found out a way to control XADA, he then fused with Xada which results Duja, Rama and Tyranus.

    The girl on wheelchair at the final cutscene is Estellar (couldn't hear the name well), Jake’s sister.

    We now have WM-IV, controlled by artificial intelligence.

    Here is the stream, please contribute if you can hear some other information:

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  • Merrycatch22

    Spoiler maybe:

    So uh, Jake finds Millar and kills him/queen three times, and then the queen's in a bubble, and Nap shoots the bubble, and then he dies by the queen somehow and Jake implodes with the queen, and the moon asteroid stops falling, and then Jake's now an AI? (Assuming his pilot link severed, they just rebuilt him for lols?) Who's the wheelchair girl? I feel like stuff isn't explained very nicely.

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  • Luna Flina

    Well, not quite. Actually these are my ideas to be more exact.

    About that, I think we should add the category "ARKs can be found", or something like that.

    The Exp gained category, I think that part could be too hard to count. Don't know if anyone want to go in and count or not, but I think it is not too much necessary.

    The Dialogue, it is a great idea, but should we add the dialogues that happen in the middle of the mission? I think yes.

    So far that I know to chapter 1, there are 3 kinds of missions. The one with a slashing symbol, the other is a shield, and the last one indicates a boss.

    I think we should add them to category. Just wondering which name is proper to choose for them.

    In my opinion: Liberation Mission, Defense Mission, Boss Missio…

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  • MrGZJcool


    April 17, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Bad news...

    It's on Android (free version).

    Even more bad news...

    I downloaded it for experimental sake.

    You know that one guy who presses buttons cause they are dumb.

    I'm gonna be that dumb guy :)

    So I won't be playing that hardcore. Just, seeing cool stuff.



    I'm out.


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  • SerialNo30000324

    Colored Tabbers

    April 16, 2015 by SerialNo30000324

    You know what this wiki needs? Tabbers. Not just any kind of tabbers but colored tabbers! The Characters page, Bosses page and Chapters page might be a good place to use tabbers and tabviews

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  • DoctorBreakfast

    A quick notice

    April 14, 2015 by DoctorBreakfast

    Since i don't have the game, all of the pictures i uploaded (Characters's portraits, weapons)'s quality is low. So if anyone have the game, please upload higher quality pictures if you can.

    And if you ask me why did i replace the pics from Implosion's main website with character portraits, it's because there are only 4 characters on main website. And i've noticed a few additional characters, so yeah.

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  • KhangND

    A quick suggestion

    April 11, 2015 by KhangND

    Hello ^^

    I guess most people here are from Cytus/Deemo wiki (including myself ^^) so I think some of us might not know or unexperienced at how to create a template for this type of game. So I think we should just follow the Template:Infobox for templates like: Character, Monster, Map/Stage etc. Unfortunately, I dun intend to play Implosion so I dun know what parameters to add, but I'm gladly willing to help out with designing or sprucing up the templates if you guys trust me ^^

    That's all I wanna say. Enjoy the game =]

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  • MrGZJcool

    Main Page Ideas

    April 10, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    I have some ideas for the Main Page.

    • Banner and Slideshows
    • Have a Fact of the Day
    • Remove the Latest Wiki Activity on the Main Page.

    That's all I have for now.

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